About Us

Welcome to FUSION - the healthiest party in town!  We bring a fresh, new, integrated fitness and training approach to an upscale boutique setting.  The music is upbeat and positive, the vibe is electric and the attitude is contagious!

The ULTIMATE fitness experience!

Owner-brothers PJ and Nick Vlahantones bring thousands of hours of all-ages personal training experience, plus years of running top-notch conditioning programs for local sports teams.  That gives Fusion a personalized family feel, fueled with cutting edge fitness techniques. 

In fact, we’ve custom-designed one of the most exciting, comprehensive group workout programs around!  It combines all types of cardio, core and strength training exercises - no matter what level of fitness experience.  You set your pace and you pick your weights.  Then we train together, sweat together, and meet your goals together, one day at a time.

Within a 60-minute class, you can expect to alternate between top-of-line treadmills, TRX, numerous core trainers, dumbbells and resistance bands.  Plus, there’s even more ways to torch calories and tone muscle, with our specialty classes, including…

     - Boxing bootcamp

     - Warrior training 

     - Sport specific training

     - And primal training

At Fusion, we’re committed to pushing you to your fullest potential, while fostering camaraderie and fun – for the ultimate fitness experience!

Fusion Integrated Training LLC.